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The Crazyflie Swarm is a Networked Control platform designed for students to learn more about control and for researchers that wish to apply their research in practice. Platform development was started during the Summer of 2015 and continues to this day.

Here you will find descriptions on how the platform works, how you can use it, and how you can get involved in developing the platform further!

Frequently Asked Questions

For help with common problems and troubleshooting please see the FAQ.


The Crazyflie Swarm platform is based off of the Crazyflie Nano-quadcopter produced and maintained by Bitcraze. The Crazyflie is completely open-source so we are able to look at and modify any part of the code and customize it to our needs.

Major Platform Components:

A high level overview of the Crazyflie Platform

Modifying the Platform

A high level overview of the Swarm Platform we created

Future Project Ideas

The whole concept of this Platform is to constantly expand its capabilities. If you are interested in developing this platform further here are some ideas to get you started! Additional details on any of these ideas can be found on the Future Project Ideas page.

Bitcraze Wiki

Bitcraze maintains their own wiki on the many Crazyflie systems. If you can't find what you are looking for here, chances are they will have something to help.