VLSI • Wiki for graduate and undergraduate students using VLSI software at Iowa State.

IT • IT and Computer Support. How tos and FAQs for computer resources in the College of Engineering and Iowa State University.

Reconfigurable Computing Wiki • Wiki for documenting useful information for using Reconfigurable Hardware tools and projects.

HKN Wiki • Wiki for information about ISU engineering courses from students.

cpre584 • Allow CPRE584 students to document and share learning experiences as they explore the realm of Embedded Linux and High Performance software hardware codesign.

MicroCART Senior Design • This wiki is for the ECE MicroCART senior design team that is developing Unmanned Aerial Vehicle UAV systems.

Power Cyber Lab • Power Cyber Lab

cpre488 • Class wiki for CprE 488

Insider Threat Detection • Research on Insider Threat Detection

High Speed Systems Engineering Lab • Wiki for HSSE Lab research in novel high speed fiber optic and electronic technologies.

Distributed Autonomous and Networked Control Lab • Distributed Autonomous and Networked Control Lab wiki.

Large Scale Data Analysis Lab • Large scale data analysis lab is under supervised by Dr. Srikanta Tirthapura.