VLSI • Wiki for graduate and undergraduate students using VLSI software at Iowa State.

IT • IT and Computer Support. How tos and FAQs for computer resources in the College of Engineering and Iowa State University.

Omni-directional Robots • This wiki is for the senior design project.

Reconfigurable Computing Wiki • Wiki for documenting useful information for using Reconfigurable Hardware tools and projects.

HKN Wiki • Wiki for information about ISU engineering courses from students.

cpre584 • Allow CPRE584 students to document and share learning experiences as they explore the realm of Embedded Linux and High Performance software hardware codesign.

MicroCART Senior Design • This wiki is for the ECE MicroCART senior design team that is developing Unmanned Aerial Vehicle UAV systems.

Power Cyber Lab • Power Cyber Lab

DCSL Lab • Wiki for the Distributed Control Systems Lab.

cpre488 • Class wiki for CprE 488

InTrans-CTRE • CTRE is a joint project between The Institute for Transportation (InTrans), Iowa State University, and the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering. This wiki will have all the details pertaining to the project for the use of project members.

Programming • There will be a lot of tricks and tutorials on programming in different platforms and languages.

Analysis of Linux Kernel • Use methods for finding dense substructures to analyze the various aspects of the Linux Kernel Source Code

Healthcare Analytics Senior Design • Senior design for UPH

Insider Threat Detection • Research on Insider Threat Detection

High Speed Systems Engineering Lab • Wiki for HSSE Lab research in novel high speed fiber optic and electronic technologies.

Robotic Agriculture Data Acquisition • Wiki with documentation for the Robotic Agriculture Data Acquisition development team.

Distributed Autonomous and Networked Control Lab • Distributed Autonomous and Networked Control Lab wiki.

Large Scale Data Analysis Lab • Large scale data analysis lab is under supervised by Dr. Srikanta Tirthapura.

Aerial Drone Embedded Visual Processor • Wiki for collaboration on the 491 senior design project for developing a embedded deep learning video processing system.

AutonomousPrime Senior Design • Wiki for the ECE Senior Design Project, also known as AutonomousPrime, that is developing an autonomous vehicle through the usage of a Neural Network