Running Different Bitfiles on each AE

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The PDK is setup to help you rapidly test and develop a single bitfile. Thus, projects requiring multiple bitfiles should have multiple PDK sub-projects.

Running different bitfiles on each AE

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The runtime environment supports multiple bitfiles making up a single personality (i.e. different ). There is a script called "mkaetgz" that is installed on the HC-1 system. To use it, you need to create a project for each bitfile. Then run the script to package them into one personality.

/opt/convey/sbin/mkaetgz -h
mkaetgz [-i <initFile>] [-f <file0,file1,...,fileN>] [-F] [-h]
        [-o <tgz name>] [-t <tmpDir>] [-v]
        -0 <aeImage0> [-1 <aeImage1> -2 <aeImage2> -3 <aeImage3>]

For example:

mkaetgz -i /opt/convey/pdk/2010_08_09/doc/cae_init.txt -0 cae_fpga0.bit -1 cae_fpga1.bit -2 cae_fpga2.bit -3 cae_fpga3.bit

Note: If mkaetgz does not exist, you can download a copy of the bash script here: mkaetgz

There's also a CNY_LOAD_IMAGE environment variable you can set with the first image you want loaded on the coprocessor (export CNY_LOAD_IMAGE=65200.1.1.1).