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Please update this document if you think you have a better login setup. Also update this document if the software changes.

You'll want to copy the two files below into to your home directory: Xilinx_Env and cny_Env. In addition, edit your .bash_profile to source the files. You can always check to see if your environment is correctly setup by running:

env | grep "CNY"


#General envs to setup
export PATH=$PATH:/opt/convey/bin
export LD_LIBRARY_PATH=$LD_LIBRARY_PATH:/opt/convey/lib 
export CNY_PDK=/opt/convey/pdk
export CNY_PDK_REV=2011_11_22
export CNY_PDK_HDLSIM=Mentor

# For running SW model or Modelsim
# export

# For running on HW

# for software emulation
# export CNY_CAE_EMULATOR=<loction of CaeSimPers>
# Example location ~/temp_sample_app/cae_pers_vadd/CaeSimPers/CaeSimPers

# for Modelsim simulation
#export CNY_CAE_EMULATOR=./run_simulation

#for running on HW

#see Chap 12 of Convey Programmers Guide v1.8 for more environment variables


source /remote/Xilinx/13.4/
export PATH=$PATH:/remote/Modelsim/10.1c/modeltech/linux_x86_64/

Editing .bash_profile

Adding the following lines to your .bash_profile file will prevent you from having to source these files every time you login. The file is located in your home directory (use ls -a to view hidden files that start with '.'). It is assumed that you have copied the two scripts above to your home directory.


# .bash_profile

# Get the aliases and functions
if [ -f ~/.bashrc ]; then
        . ~/.bashrc

# User specific environment and startup programs


export PATH

# setup convey aliases
source cny_Env
source Xilinx_Env

Ensure You're Using Bash

 echo $SHELL

If you are not using bash, you can set your default shell to bash at [1] by going to Manage User -> View/Edit your Linux login shell -> Select /bin/bash