Analyze the Simpleton Basic App

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Simpleton is a minimalist Convey personality that has two custom instructions. The first increments a value in an AEG register. The second uses a single memory controller to increment a value in coprocessor memory.

Advantages of using Simpleton as the start of your project include:

  • It's minimalist
  • It's well commented
  • The top level module, personality.v, replaces cae_pers.v with awesomeness:
    • The port declaration is only 50 lines and no longer scary (cae_pers.v is >150 lines)
    • It wraps the memory controller interfaces in to unpacked arrays so you can easily use generate loops
    • It hides unnecessary instruction decode and clock logic
    • It gets rid of the CSR interface (because, honestly, you weren't going to use it anyway)
    • Adds a console bell at the end of the run and runcp scripts


All of Chad's Convey projects are located on the RCL SVN. To checkout all projects, or just a tar.gz of simpleton:

 svn co svn://
 svn co svn://

Open and analyze the following files, learn the directory structure, etc:

  • /cae_simpleton/src/run
  • /cae_simpleton/src/runcp
  • /cae_simpleton/src/UserApp.c
  • /cae_simpleton/src/cp.s
  • /cae_simpleton/sim/CaeIsa.cpp
  • /cae_simpleton/verilog/personality.v
  • /cae_simpleton/coregen/README
  • /cae_simpleton/phys
  • /cae_simpleton/makefile.include
  • /personalities/customdb
  • /personalities/65100.1.1.0/