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Spring 2017 Projects (Videos)

  • A1 - FPGA-Based MIDI Controller
  • A2 - FPGA-Based Digital Synthesizer
  • A3 - Advanced USB Turret Controller
  • A4 - Image-Controlled Pong and Tic-Tac-Toe
  • A5 - HDMI Image Splitter
  • B1 - Hardware Accelerated Conway's Game of Life
  • B2 - Audio Source Localizer
  • B3 - Networked NES Emulators
  • B4 - Zedboard SNES Emulator
  • B5 - Bluetooth Heart Rate Monitoring
  • B6 - Zedboard Audio using a Bluetooth Speaker
  • C1 - Smart Home System using Zedboards
  • C2 - Hardware Acceleration of Convolutional Neural Networks
  • C3 - Zedboard-Based Oscilloscope
  • C4 - Secure Communication Between Zedboards
  • C5 - Remote Camera Security System

Fall 2015 Projects (Videos)

  • A1 - Stable quad flight using IR tracking
  • A2 - WiFi video streaming and missile launcher control
  • A3 - RFID lap counter
  • A4 - BlockBox: a multifactor personal security box that detects intruders and alerts the owner based on a PING sensor, camera, and keypad.
  • B1 - Hardware Acceleration for Roundness Detection (HARD)
  • B2 - Software Defined FM Radio
  • B3 - Smart Coffee Maker with PID control
  • B4 - Sign Language Translator using Gesture Recognition
  • B5 - Hardware Color Filter for Computer Vision Applications
  • B6 - Electric Guitar Auto-Tuner

Spring 2015 Projects (Videos)

  • A1 - 2-way audio transmission
  • A2 - Hand gesture recognition for control of a Nerf cannon system
  • B1 - High performance LED matrix controller
  • B2 - Camera-based robot navigation
  • B3 - Webserver control of a Camera/Turret system

Fall 2014 Projects (Videos)

  • A1 - Shadow-based Object Detection: Use K-means clustering algorithm to track multiple objects
  • A2 - Bluetooth Bot: A robot using bluetooth to communicate between two boards, such that controls can be on a second board.
  • A3 - Audio Player with Spectrum Analysis: Play audio, display live frequency spectrum analysis, menu system to choose audio files.
  • A4 - Audio-loop DJ station: Capture audio-in with a microphone recording multiple tracks and looping their playback on top of one another.
  • B1 - Ambient Backlight: Extend colors from the edge of a screen and display on a wall
  • B2 - SNES Emulator: Multiple SNES controller support, Game audio playback, Game save-state to SD card, Game selection menu
  • B3 - PET 2002: A Commodore PET compatible computer in an FPGA
  • B4 - Expanded NES Emulator: 2- Player Wii Remote Control, "GUI" home screen, audio implementation, SD card save states.
  • B5 - Karaoke Machine: Play a song out of audio-out, have someone sing into a microphone into audio-in, display lyrics on projector, have controller to choose song

Spring 2014 Projects (Videos)

  • A1 - Light Preserver: use a microphone that triggers PING sensor on specific sounds; the PING targets the light stopper in Coover 2041 to prevent lights from turning off
  • A2 - MP-0 Extensions: support 2 players for NES, support audio, add a menu screen, multiple ROMs, and reset ability, and add a GameBoy emulator
  • A3 - Mouse Control Through Camera: use the camera as a "mouse" to the computer where gestures represent different commands
  • A4 - Audio Processing: pass audio through the ZedBoard hardware (possibly with modification) and use software pass-through for recording
  • A5 - PING Sensor Gesture Recognition: use PING sensor with Ubuntu on ZedBoard to recognize gestures that control a media player application
  • A6 - Multiplayer Battle Station: extend MP-0 and add control through an Android phone over bluetooth connection; missile launcher targets loser
  • A7 - Temperature Controlled Fan: has user interface to set a temperature, a temperature sensor connected using SPI, and motor control through I2C based on temperature.
  • B2 - Mobile Turret: use the robot kit with the USB missile launcher and ZedBoard to create a battery-powered turret with path and object detection.
  • B4 - Hollywood Camera: add hardware manipulation to the image stream of the camera; e.g. green screen, creating grid lines, color shifting/isolating/enhancing, cartoonify, etc.
  • B5 - Gesture Control Missile Launcher: use a GUI to represent targeting information, increase accuracy, and add gesture controls
  • B6 - Remote Control Missile Turret: use an Android app to control the turret and send images over the connection
  • B7 - Oscilloscope: use an ADC to plot signals over time in a GUI sent over VGA or USB
  • B8 - Battery Load Balancer: use current, temperature, and voltage sensing to get precise battery state information and create a coprocessor to estimate charge

List of available PMODs and other project components

Name Manufacturer Quantity Description
DS1086L Maxim Integrated 2 Oscillator
DS3231M Maxim Integrated 2 Real-time clock
MAX3232 Maxim Integrated 2 RS232 Transceiver
MAX4824 Maxim Integrated 2 8-Channel Relay Driver
MAX5216 Maxim Integrated 2 16-Bit ADC
MAX5487 Maxim Integrated 2 Digital Potentiometer
MAX5825 Maxim Integrated 2 8-Channel ADC
MAX7304 Maxim Integrated 2 16-Port IO
MAX9611 Maxim Integrated 2 Current Sensor with 12-Bit ADC and OpAmp/Comparator
MAX11205 Maxim Integrated 2 16-Bit ADC
MAX14840E Maxim Integrated 2 40 Mbps RS-485 Half-Duplex Transceiver
MAX14850 Maxim Integrated 2 SPI Isolator
MAX31723 Maxim Integrated 2 Temperature Sensor
MAX31855 Maxim Integrated 2 Thermocouple to Digital Converter
MAX44000 Maxim Integrated 2 Proximity Sensor
PmodAD1 Digilent 1 12-bit ADC
PmodCON3 Digilent 2 Servo Connector
PmodCON4 Digilent 3 RCA to 6-Pin
PmodDA1 Digilent 1 Digital to Analog Converter
PmodSWT Digilent 2 4-Switch Module
PmodACL2 Digilent 2 3-Axis Digital Accelerometer
PmodAMP1 Digilent 1 Speaker/Headphone Amplifier
PmodBB Digilent 1 Wirewrap/Breadboard
PmodDIP Digilent 2 Dual Inline Package
PmodDPOT Digilent 2 Digital Potentiometer
PmodENC Digilent 2 Rotary Encoder
PmodGPS Digilent 2 GPS Receiver
PmodGYRO Digilent 1 3-Axis Digital Gyroscope
PmodHB3 Digilent 1 2A H-Bridge
PmodJSTK Digilent 2 Joystick
PmodKYPD Digilent 2 Keypad
PmodLS1 Digilent 2 Infrared Light Detector
PmodMIC Digilent 2 Microphone
PmodRJ45 Digilent 1 RJ45 to FPGA Connector Pair
PmodRS232 Digilent 1 RS232 Converter
PmodSSD Digilent 2 Seven-Segment Display
PmodSTEP Digilent 2 Stepper Motor Controller
PmodTPH2 Digilent 2 12-Pin Test Point Header
PmodUSBUART Digilent 2 USB to UART Converter
PmodWiFi Digilent 1 WiFi Radio Transceiver
PmodPS2 Digilent 2 PS2 Module
PmodReg1 Digilent 2 Voltage Regulator
PmodBTN Digilent 1 4 User Pushbutton
OPB704WZ OpTek 2 Reflective Object Sensor
PING Parallax 4 Ultrasonic Distance Sensor (from Cpr E 288)
SEN-09376 SparkFun 1 Force Sensitive Resistor (Square)
DS18B20 Dallas Semiconductor 1 Waterproof Temperature Sensor