Setup for 130nm IBM PDK

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How to Setup the 130nm IBM PDK

This tutorial is designed to help students set up a cadence working directory that is linked to the 130nm IBM PDK.

IMPORTANT Before any student will be granted access to the IBM PDK, they must sign the MOSIS Individual NDA for University Account Students and Staff which can downloaded from:

The signed NDA should be submitted, along with a valid ISU NetID to Dr. Nathan Neihart.


In order to use the IBM PDK you will need to create a directory that will house all of the necessary configuration files. This is the directory from which you will launch Virtuoso and will heretofore be referred to as the IBM working directory. To facilitate the creation of your IBM working directory, a template directory has been created.

  • Fist copy the DM_template61 directory and place it wherever you store your cadence directories (the copied directory can be named anything that you like). You can do this by entering the following command into a terminal:

cp -r /remote/cadencelib/nda/ibm8rfcmos/DM_template61 ~/<CADENCE_DIR>/cmrf8sf

where <CADENCE_DIR></big> is the name of your directory where you store all of your cadence files and cmrf8sf is what I chose to call my IBM working directory.