Migration from Cadence 5.14 to Cadence 6.x

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Migration from Cadence 5.14 to Cadence 6.x

Design files are saved in CDB format and in OpenAccess format respectively in Cadence 5.14 and 6.x. This tutorial is designed to help students convert their design files from CDB format to OpenAccess(OA) format in order to open their old designs in Cadence 6.x with the NCSU Cadence Design Kit.

  • Create a new directory following Cadence 6.1 Setup--New project setup. This directory would be your new design directory and store the translated design files for Cadence 6.x.
  • Remove all *.cdslck files in your old design directory
cd <path to your old design directory>
find . -name "*.cdslck" -exec rm -f {} \;

The locked design files, such as the schematic, layout, or symbol, could not be translated. You would miss them in the translated design files stored in your new design directory. (Don't worry. Your original files are still there in your old design directory.)

  • Go to your new design directory just created and start Cadence 6.x with
cd <path to your new design directory>
virtuoso &
  • Open CDB to OpenAccess Translator

In CIW windows, go to Tools>Conversion Tool Box>CDB to OpenAccess Translator Cdb2oa.png

  • Setup CDB to OA translator

Point to the cds.lib in your original Cadence 5.14 design directory and only leave the libraries to convert on the right side Cdb2oa lib.png

  • Click OK

The conversion process will start.

Be patient! It takes quite some time to convert your designs if they are big. The files ready for Cadence 6.15 will be created in your working directory. You may check the translation process by reading the cdb2oa.gui.log file in your working directory.