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Hello and welcome to the Iowa State University VLSI wiki, started in December, 2009. The idea of this wiki is serve as a clearing-house for information related to integrated circuit design software, coursework, and research in the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering. Hopefully, as time goes on it will serve as a platform for professors, students, and the department's IT group to pass along their knowledge regarding the configuration and use of ISU's collection of licensed EDA software. As you are likely aware, these tools are generally very complex; setting them and utilizing them effectively can be less-than-intuitive, even for the experienced designer. By sharing experience and know-how, we can increase the productivity (and prevent the frustration!) of everyone.

We hope that, as this wiki develops, you will find lots of helpful information here. Please consider taking the time to contribute new content, too - your effort will save someone else time and head-aches down the line! You will find editing this wiki very easy; try it by logging in with your university ID and password using the link at the top-right-hand-corner of the page. The following links will allow you to start exploring:


  • Software - Summary of the design-flow and tools available at ISU
  • Processes - Silicon processes available to students for simulation and/or fabrication
  • Tutorials - Setting up, configuring, and using
  • Open Issues - Problems or concerns with the software at ISU
  • Tips & Tricks - Useful tidbits
  • Classes - Undergraduate & graduate courses in VLSI & related subjects
  • People - People in the department
  • Links - Related sites