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Robotic Agriculture Data Acquisition (RADA)


While conducting agricultural experiments, researchers must take a variety of measurements of every research specimen. Currently this process is done manually by research technicians walking the fields. This process requires extra personnel, time and money for the project. Our clients wish to develop a system that could automate these agricultural measurements using a robotic platform. An automated system would then reduce the personnel required, and the time spent by researchers gathering information about their specimens.

In this project, our group is designing a cooperative robotic system containing a ground vehicle and an instrumentation arm connected at a single pivot point. This instrumentation arm will then be balanced primarily by 4 propellers located at its top, with some assistance from the movement of the ground robot. Our main goal is to design and construct a laboratory proof of concept for such cooperative system to demonstrate its feasibility.

More documentation on this project is available at the senior design group websites:

Videos of the system during the testing:

Our team is also known as OmniCooR.

If you are looking for information about using the RADA platform for research see:

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