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This page presents the procedure for using the robot controlling the pendulum. Specifically the current robot being used is known as Eris. It is an omnidirectional robot that has been created by past teams.

Currently and outline, will format once complete

Set up the ground robot

Powering the Robot

The ground robot (Eris omnibot) has two power ports. The port located on the same side as the two power switches controls the electronics of the robot. The switch for the electronics can handle either 2 or 3 cell batteries (7.4 V or 12 V).

The second port, on the opposite side as the first, powers the robots wheels. We believe that this can support the same voltage, but some documentation suggests that it can only use 2 cell batteries (7.4 V), so we used 2 cell for safety.

It can use batteries or a power supply. There is an adapter for plugging the robot into an XT60 connector. (Probably a picture of the adapter here, so reader knows what it looks like if they need to find it).

To power on the robot, follow these steps:

  1. Make sure both switches are turned off (switched towards the robot)
  2. Check your battery or power source to ensure it has the correct voltage
    • If it is a power supply, ensure it is not set too high
    • If it is a battery, make sure the battery is sufficiently charged
  3. Plug the power source (battery or power supply) into the power port for electronics (the side with the switches)
  4. Switch the green switch on
    • You should see a red light on the FPGA
      • If there is no light, the battery might be plugged in incorrectly or the switch might be off
      • If the red light starts to blink, the battery needs to be charged (unplug it now)
    • A few seconds after the switch is on, you will hear a beep
      • No beep can indicate that the battery is dead, or something is plugged in improperly (on the board)
  5. Wait approximately 20-30 seconds for the blue light on the WIFI usb to turn on

The robot is now powered on and ready to execute code. Next, follow the steps in the following section.

Connect to the ground robot

Once the ground robot is booted up, you are ready to connect to the robot so you can transfer/execute the executable. In order to interface with the ground robot, we ssh into the robot through the private local WIFI network inside the lab.

On the CO3050-11 red hat computer, do the following:

  1. Open a terminal
  2. run: ssh root@
    • The password is rootme
  3. Once connected, run the master script using:
    • ./
    • More information about this script can be found on the Ground Robot page

To boot up the electronics on the robot, simply power on the green switch. The motors can be turned on or off at any time, but note The motors will spin on their own until centered.

Set Up
On Computer

  • terminal
  • log in to robot
  • explanation of scripts on robot

The Robot Interface

  • explanation of the command line interface
  • eventually gui if we get that far

Will also include pictures and screenshots to help