How To: Checkout the Project and Make

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Checkout the Project

The project is hosted at Ask Mike, Chad, or Dr. Zambreno for access.

To checkout the project from the command line:

$ cd ~
$ svn co gpgpusim

Once checked out, you'll notice a few key files:

  • ./
  • ./
  • ./sim/Makefile.compiler
  • ./sim/Makefile

Make the Project

First, you'll need to run a script to setup the appropriate environment variables:

$ cd ~/gpgpusim/
$ source

Next, run the ./sim/Makefile.compiler makefile:

$ cd ./sim
$ make -f Makefile.compiler clean
$ make -f Makefile.compiler

Finally, make the project:

$ make clean
$ make

The end of the make process is complete if you see Finished building all benchmarks. If this is your first time compiling all the benchmarks, than you'll likely need to edit your ~/.qsub_computers file. This file lists the hostnames that will be used to farm out compiling work and make the compiling process run faster. Here's an example of a .qsub_computers file (make sure the computer you are currently using is NOT in the list!):

$ cd ~
$ cat .qsub_computers