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MicroCART is the Microcontroller Controlled Aerial Research Team at Iowa State University. It has been a senior design team in the Computer and Electrical Engineering department since 1998.

This year, the goal is to be able to smoothly transition to a new quadcopter system (DJI FlameWheel F450) as well as computing platform. To do this, the team will be designing and implementing an infrastructure for collecting and analyzing data for the purpose of debugging and evaluating the performance of the quadcopter.

MicroCART 2014-2015

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Ground Team

Additionally, there is also a sister project to utilize the Omni-bots to cooperate with a quad to self-balance a reverse pendulum to enable an Omni-bot to act as a base station for the quad. There, the quad would eventually take off from the Omni-bot to perform environment data collection. This is not the focus of the MicroCART team, but we do work closely with the sister project.

For full information on the Omni-bot project, please refer to their wiki/website.

Omnicoor Website May15-27


Because this is the first year the team is using the DJI FlameWheel F450 hardware, a primary task of this group is to develop well-written documentation for the hardware and software platforms to benefit both this year's and future MicroCART teams. For examples of created documentation, please navigate through the files provided below.


Power Management Circuit Boards

Battery Pack Charging Instructions

Setting up Zybo Sensor Board


Xilinx How-To

MATLAB Data Collection

Project Management:

GitLab 101

Updating Team Website

Weekly Report Template

Meeting Minutes Template


Follow the link below to view video demonstrations of our work.

Link to Videos

Project Documents

Project Plan

Design Document

1st Semester Milestone Presentation

Final Team Poster


Please use the link below to navigate to the senior design website designed by this year's team.

Senior Design Website May15-28

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