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In our Reading Group, we discuss one or two papers each week. Each week we select a paper and a person in our group presents the paper. We alternately present papers related to our research area.

The topics includes Stream Processing Algorithms and Platforms, Algorithms for Big Data, and Cyber-security.

Discussion Schedules

Date Title Presenter
May-25-2016 A Framework for Clustering Evolving Data Streams Yu Zhang
June-01-2016 GraphChi: Large-Scale Graph Computation on Just a PC Apurba Das
June-08-2016 Detecting Insider Theft of Trade Secrets Yung-Yu Chung
June-08-2016 Designing Host and Network Sensors to Mitigate the Insider Threat Yung-Yu Chung
June-15-2016 Twitter Heron: Stream Processing at Scale Sindhusha Dhulipala
June-22-2016 Information-Theoretic Measures for Anomaly Detection Yesdaulet Izenov
July-22-2016 AZSecure dataset Yung-Yu Chung
July-27-2016 Introduction to bayesian networks Yu Zhang
Aug-03-2016 Dense sub-graphs in graph Apurba Das
Aug-10-2016 Insider Threat Detection Yung-Yu Chung
Aug-17-2016 Communication-Efficient Computation on Distributed Noisy Datasets Yu Zhang
Aug-24-2016 Streaming Data Analytics for Anomalies in Graphs Apurba Das
Aug-31-2016 Neighborhood Formation and Anomaly Detection in Bipartite Graphs Trong Nguyen