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College of Engineering IT Wiki

This wiki is here to provide you with useful information about the College of Engineering's computer resources.


Who Can Use Engineering Labs
How can I connect to Linux Remote Servers?
How can I map printers if they do not map automatically?
Can I get more disk quota?
How do I access my engineering files off campus?
How can I get to my home directory from a non-engineering computer?
How do I change my password?
How do I change my Default Shell for Linux?
How do I print in an engineering lab?
How much can I print?
What if I run out of quota?
When are labs open?
I am having problems connecting to file storage.
What are some Common Linux commands?
I am about to graduate, can I keep my files?
How do I Map a Share to a Drive Letter
Firefox is not working
How can I make windows log me in faster.
How do I work with Python Virtual Environments?
I have a question that's not answered. What do I do?

How To Videos

Changing Default Shell for Linux


College of Engineering IT Website
If you are looking for news or information relating to computing in the College of Engineering, click here.

Print Quota System
As a student enrolled in the College of Engineering, you will receive a total of 4,000 units per semester allowance for printing. See here for more details.

PaperCut allows you to check your remaining printing credits, see your printing history, see active print jobs and much more.

Microsoft Office Available from the University Book Store
Engineering students can purchase the latest Microsoft Office Pro or Windows 7 Ultimate Upgrade for FREE. Some restrictions apply, please see the University Book Store for details.

Free Software for Engineers
Any student taking an engineering class may download a wide variety of applications and operating systems from Microsoft and other software vendors free of charge. For more information click hereand for more here.


Accessing Engr Home Directory From Off-Campus
The College of Engineering provides students with a minimum of 10 GB of home directory file space (otherwise known as the U: drive or MyFiles). For information on accessing this space click here.

Linux Remote Access
You also can remotely access Linux systems using SSH, xrdp, SCP, or SFTP. To see a complete list of remote servers and software that is available to you click here

General Computer Lab information
To see information about computer labs, including locations, software availability and hours go to the ISU Labs Database.

Keep Computer Labs Clean
There is no food or drink allowed in computer labs. Pickup after yourself and keep the labs clean.
No Food or Drink.png
Lost and Found
If you leave an item in one of the computer labs, please visit our Lost and Found locations in 2071 Black Engineering, 2215 Coover Hall, or 1200 Howe Hall. Be sure to write your name on calculators and other items of value so they can be easily identified if lost.

Other Frequently Asked Questions
If you have any other questions check out our FAQ or submit a support request.

To contact the College of Engineering IT staff, please submit a support request.

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Common Linux Commands

File Storage

Problems connecting to file storage

Rdesktop Internal licensing error

Remote access to UNIX need better descriptions of nx and putty

It takes too long for me to login to a Windows machine.

Useful Software


Reserving a Lab


MATLAB for students

IT Assistance

ECpE Red Hat Linux Setup Options


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