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X Drive

All students, faculty, and staff in the College of Engineering are provided with an Engineering home directory for storing data. Likewise, all systems in the College of Engineering are configured to use your Engineering home directory when you log in. The home directory is the same whether you are logging in via Windows or Linux.

Accessing X Drive

College of Engineering File Space (X-Drive)

The College of Engineering has developed a new engineering file space called the X-Drive. All users can access their X-Drive by using the following path:

   \\files.ece.iastate.edu\home\netid or
   \\dfs1.its.iastate.edu\engr\users\netid or  

So, for example, a student can access from their personal Windows laptop by using Windows Explorer and entering:


Using a Mac you can access the X-Drive with the following:

   Go -> Connect to Server

If you are off campus, make sure you first connect to the vpn.

Alternatively, you can access your X Drive from Windows using WinSCP.

Additional File Storage

For other information see File Storage