Recovering a Deleted File

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To watch a how to video please refer to:

There are two types of backups for students, tape and checkpoint.

Checkpoint backups are preformed every two hours on your U drive. If you delete or modify a file you should be able to easily recover the file from any two hour interval. To do this in windows, right click on file/folder that was or contained the deleted file and go to properties. There you will see a tab called 'Previous Versions' that lists all the times the file was check pointed. You are able to view, copy, or restore the folder/file back to any one of those times. Simply double click on the file/folder and it will show you what the checkpoint captured.

Backups are performed nightly after hours to tape. If you are unable to find the previous version of the file you want to recover, submit a Support Request Form detailing the full path to the file that you deleted, and the time that you deleted it so we can recover the appropriate version.