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Each lab is equipped with one or more printers that are connected to your account during the logon process. Every semester engineering students are allotted 4,000 unit quota for printing.

How Much Does Printing Cost?

Campus-wide the cost is 5 units per page for black-and-white, however, cost of color printing will vary across campus. In the Department of Engineering the cost of color printing is 15 units per page.

How Much Have I Printed?

During the logon process a small window is displayed that shows the remaining quota available. Additionally, you can login to PaperCut using your Net-ID and password to see your personal PaperCut information, including units used and remaining. Computers on campus will require you to login in order to print on networked printers.

What If I Use Up My Printing Quota?

After using up your initial 4,000 units, additional printing costs will be charged directly to your U-Bill and your PaperCut balance will appear as negative. Printing charges that appear on your U-bill require a $1 minimum. However, the maximum amount that can be charged past the initial 500 units is 5,000 units ($50) per semester although a student can make a request through the Solution Center for that amount to be increased.

Can I Share My Printing Quota With Someone Else?

With the new campus wide printing system of PaperCut, you can no longer transfer your quota to someone else.

Mapping Printers

Printers are supposed to be mapped automatically in labs, however, that does not always happen. If you are having trouble with printers not mapping automatically, please read about how to map printers.

Google Cloud Printing

Google Cloud Print allows you to print from your phone, tablet, or laptop. This service allows you to print from clients such as Google Chrome, email, and Google Drive. The official resource on Google Cloud Print can be found here.
More detailed instructions and direct links to connect with printers can be found on the page about Google Cloud Print.