NX Problems

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Make sure you are using the 3.5 NX Client and all of the fonts.

If you do not have the installer or can't find it bring a flash drive to csg and we can give you a copy.

Also make sure you have GNOME set as your desktop not KDE.

If you have problems connecting using NX or think you may have a hung NX session.

Try this, log in with putty or other ssh client then run the following commands

# killall nxnode
# killall nxagent
# rm -rf  ~/.nx/C*

Then run

# ps -u <username>

and kill any NX process that is still running using

# kill -9 <pid>

If you see

*ERROR* Failed to find either 24-bit TrueColor  or 8-bit PseudoColor Visual.
*WARNING* Failed to find either 24-bit TrueColor or 8-pbit PseudoColor Visual. 

Install the nx fonts from [1]