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MyFiles (U Drive)

MyFiles is a file storage service for faculty and staff to store and share files across departments and groups. It is backed-up for data retention and utilizes snapshots that allow users to recover files to a specific point in time for up to 16 weeks in the past without contacting support. Users can also contact the Solution Center for assistance recovering files up to a year ago. MyFiles can be accessed from Windows, Apple, and Linux computers without having to install any additional software (with the exception of off-campus access through VPN). It is also recommended that you use VPN when using wireless networks to access your storage.

Additional File Storage Options

The College of Engineering provides several additional types of network accessible storage for all Engineering users (students, faculty, and staff) along with non-majors enrolled in Engineering courses. Storage is provided for classes, Engineering groups, and project teams.

Team Storage

If you need shared team storage space please contact Electronics and Technology Group (ETG).

I Am About To Graduate, Can I Keep My Files?

You will have access to your files for a limited time after you graduate. The best thing to do is to make a copy of all of your data before graduating.