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Computer labs are available for students to utilize. A complete list of labs can be found on the ITS Labs Database. Labs can be located based upon building, computer type, hours, printers, software, and hardware. Certain restrictions may apply.

Who can use engineering labs?

Access to all computing labs in the College of Engineering is limited to students pursuing a degree in engineering or currently enrolled in classes in the College of Engineering. Faculty and staff in support of the instruction of these students also have access to the computing labs.

Some labs are considered special-purpose and have greater restrictions. Check the ITS Labs Database or access posting near the door of the lab for more information.

How do I print in an engineering lab?

To print in an engineering lab:

  1. First, log into a lab computer with your ISU Net-ID and password. (Note: Only engineering majors, or students taking an engineering course, are eligible to use Engineering computer labs)
  2. Next, open the document or page you wish to print in an appropriate viewer or editor. If you wish to print a PDF, you should download the PDF from your browser and open it to a PDF viewer before printing.
  3. Open the print dialog and select the printer you want to print to. Coover Hall printer names correspond to the room number, and the last part of a printer name reflects whether it prints black and white ("bw") or color ("co").
  4. Click print to print the file.

What if I don't have a printer mapped?

Please see our Mapping Printers page for help on manually adding a printer.

When are labs open?

Lab hours are generally posted near the door of the lab and on the ITS Labs Database.

How do I reserve a lab?

Lab reservations are coordinated through the department that manages a particular lab. In most cases this is the main department that is located in the building where the lab is located. If you are unsure who to contact, visit engineering student services in 1300 Marston or call (515) 294-8355 (800), Monday—Friday, 8 a.m.— 5 p.m for assistance in locating the proper scheduling coordinator.

Lab reservation policies vary with lab and department. Generally, they are reserved according to a priority:

  1. Scheduled courses
  2. Departmental priorities
  3. College outreach events
  4. Other events and uses

Certain events require the payment of a fee for the use of the facility and staff preparation time.