Optical Source and Measurement Systems

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This page provides useful information and training on the optical source and measurement systems.

Optical Sources and Measurement Systems

  1. Laser Source and Power Measurement System
  2. Optical Spectrum Analyzer
  3. Optical Polarization Controller

Laser Source and Power Measurement System

Agilent 8164A Lightwave Measurement System



This system is a mainframe that supports several different types of lasers, along with some power sensors. We will be working with the tunable laser in output 2 located in the 81640A module. This laser's output is constant at the frequency and power specified. The laser's power is limited by its frequency. If you wish to see the maximum power available for any specific frequency, press the Appl button and select Pmax curve. This system also supports a modulated output, which can be useful for testing different components using the photodetector, amplifier, and oscilloscope. This system also has several inputs. The inputs we will be using are located in the Power Sensor 81635A module. These inputs record power in dBm.

How to set up

  • Set frequency to 1550 nm
  • Set output power to 3.5 dBm

Optical Spectrum Analyzer

Agilent 86146B Optical Spectrum Analyzer



This device is used to find the frequency spectrum of a source attached to the optical input.

How to Setup

  • Press the Wavelength button
  • If there is a clear peak, use 'Peak to CENTER' to center the display on that frequency. Otherwise, press 'Center WL' to center the display at the wavelength you believe the input will be at.
  • If you wish for a closer view of this peak, press 'Span' and enter an amount that you believe will be more than the width of the peak.

Optical Polarization Controller

Agilent 8169A Polarization Controller