Computer Aided Design (CAD) Tools

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This page provides useful information and training on the available CAD systems and tools at the HSSE Lab.

Electrical Circuit Simulation

The circuit simulation program used at the HSSE Lab is Cadence OrCAD Capture /Capture CIS.

Click here for Circuit Simulation Tutorials

Orcad schem.png Orcad sim.png

Electrical Circuit Schematic and Layout

Although OrCAD has schematic and layout capability, currently the HSSE Lab uses Cadsoft EAGLE PCB Design Software.

Click here for PCB CAD Tutorials

Eagle schem.png Eagle layout.png

Multi-physics Simulations

Often times 3D electromagnetic simulations are required, and are done so using COMSOL Multiphysics.

Comsol coupler3D.png Comsol couplerEH.gif Comsol coil.png