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This website is dedicated to the work completed by group DEC1507 in Senior Design. This group is comprised of David Wielinski, Li Hang, Taylor Greiner, Thomas Snyder, and Thomas Schwaderer.

Our client, UnityPoint Health, wanted to create a way for their patients to track their healthcare data outside of the doctor's office. Their task for us was to find a way to aggregate and analyze healthcare data generated by wearable devices. As a group and with consent from UPH, we decided to create an iOS application. This application would work directly with Apple's Health Kit in order to retrieve data from wearable devices, and then display this in a user friendly way so the patient can easily track their healthcare data.


IOS Health Kit

The newet version of these documents are available at Convey's Support Site

Google fit


Spring 2015 Teams

  • Li Hang
  • David Wielinski
  • Thomas Snyder
  • Thomas Schwaderer
  • Taylor Greiner