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AutonomousPrime is an Electrical and Computer Engineering Department Senior Design Project for the 2017 calendar year. We are designing an autonomous vehicle through the use of a Neural Network. This project will be completed in December 2017. This site will host various documentation such as descriptions of our neural network design, explanations of why we did the things we did, and tutorials on how to implement things we did.

Our main website is located at


Here are links to pages that document all team decisions and explanations for what we have done for this project


Neural Network Examples

These tutorials are external resources our team has found to help us out in our learning about neural networks and various other related subjects

Arduino Tutorials

These tutorials are external tutorials we found that helped us to develop our Arduino program so that we could interpret a PPM Signal from an RC controller to control the RC cars' throttle and steering

Onboard Computer

This is where information about the onboard computer(s) we have used, and how we have managed to set them up for our usage, is located.

  • OnboardComputer - Our first testing onboard computer
  • Coming Soon - Jetson TX1 - Our second and should be final onboard computer

Team Resources

These tutorials are developed for our team and possible future teams to provide help in using university resources, as well as basic tutorials on our team's implementation of both hardware and software solutions for this project